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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> in fact, that's video of them just earlier today about an hour ago getting their
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marriage licenses. here's the mayor's office with more. >> city hall the building is electric. people are joyous. this is just the beginning and we're really looking forward to the very first wedding from the weeks, the years ahead. so city hall is abuzz and we're very excited for the couples who are coming in all about the people who have been waiting to get married. >> reporter: well, a joyous celebration for the couple that won that huge supreme court victory. the other couple that was involved out of los angeles is also getting married this afternoon. right now ken as we speak there are other couples inside the clerk's office getting their marriage licenses, as well. city hall will stay open until at least 8:00. but possibly later tonight. then all weekend 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. saturday and sunday. quite a moment right now. >> this just came down like you say an hour ago. was there any explanation why the ninth circuit didn't wait what was expected to be the 25 days? why they just went and jumped on it this afternoon? almost without warning. this is a big surprise. >> reporter: right. the federal court did not issue
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any explanation but what i'm told inside city hall is that this was a stay. in other words, remember, it was already legal at the time prop 8 was passed for people to get married for same-sex couples to get married. then they issued a stay which is essentially a restraining order stop the process no more. the federal court doesn't have to wait that extra time for the supreme court decision to kick in in order to lift a stay. they can lift it at any time and they apparently decided they were going to lift it right away. >> thank you, joe vazquez. prop 8 proponents say this is a disgraceful day for california. we got a statement from them. they say "this outrageous act tops off a chronic pattern of lawlessness throughout this case by judges and politicians hell-bent on thwarting the vote of the people to redefine marriage by any means, even outright corruption." the timing of this comes on the same weekend of san francisco's pride event. and coming up in just a few minutes, linda yee will have a
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preview of the celebrations. our other big story is a sweltering heat wave. several bay area cities will be roasting in triple digits this weekend and that's cool compared to southern california where they could see one of the hottest days ever recorded. nearly 130 degrees in death valley! mark sayre is in the east bay with more. brian hackney reports. >> as of 11:00 tomorrow morning heat warnings in the north, east, south bay and we can see why. 108 degrees in interior valleys. be sure to keep an eye on kids and the elderly. don't leave anything in the car with the windows rolled up because we have some hot temperatures on the way for the
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bay area. fairfield will reach 103, pleasanton 102, concord 101 and livermore one of the hottest places in the bay area, 104 degrees. and that's where mark sayre is sweltering at this moment. mark, what's it look like out there? >> reporter: it's not what it looks like. it's what it feels like. take a look at this. an even 100 degrees, the unofficial temperature on the phone here right now. that sent now. it's hot throughout the bay area. the pool at the livermore community center is packed as people try to beat the heat. 7-year-old was rubbed down with suntan lotion. it's going to be more of the same this weekend. >> i'm hot. yeah. i'm hot. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is hot by any definition? >> it has to be triple digits. >> reporter: the hot weather also means big business and a
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lot of overtime for manny who runs an ac business. >> calls every second. people want service right away. they doesn't care about the money. they just want the work done as soon as possible. >> reporter: pg&e is urging customers to conserve power by turning up air-conditioner settings. >> crews will be ready, pg&e will be ready, but at the end of the day, you know, it's always a good opportunity to remind folks out there to take the sticker shock out of your bill, take a couple of simple steps to help save money and help the state's power grid. >> reporter: at splash's car wash the water may be cool but the work is most definitely hot. so ramon ruiz is passing out cold gatorade to the entire crew. >> it's probably like really hot. [ laughter ] >> n-42. >> reporter: and for this person, this is more than just a game of bingo. it's only 73 degrees inside as the outdoor temperature hits 100. coronado has come to one of livermore's official cooling
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centers because she does not have air-conditioning at home. >> i-16. >> really, really hot. i just really about die over there. >> reporter: and those cooling centers expected to remain open in many. warmer communities throughout the weekend. health officials for their part they say the best advice stay hydrated wear sunscreen and try to stay out of the direct sunlight. live in livermore, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. major developments that could impact your workday on monday. bart unions have given notice now that they may go on strike monday morning. their contract ends at 11:59 sunday night and right now, they don't appear any closer to reaching a deal with management management. oakland, city parks, libraries and other services will be affected by the strike. city workers are upset about what they say are dishonest budget numbers from city hall. morethan in just a moment. but first, our ryan takeo is in oakland with what's keeping
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bart unions and management from reaching that agreement. >> reporter: there's been public talk but no movement. earlier this morning at about 11:00, both sides were scheduled to meet but so far they have not. >> reporter: they are not messing around. last night the unions gave bart and riders 72 hours' notice of a potential strike just in time for monday morning's commute. but a strike isn't a sure thing. >> management's position is we are going to continue to negotiate to keep the trains rolling. >> reporter: both sides say an agreement is possible this weekend but so far today there has not been any talks. unions complain bart management was not there. >> we want to know, district, where are you? >> we need to get some momentum going. >> reporter: bart leadership said they are waiting for the unions to counter yesterday's proposal. >> we're obviously very concerned. >> reporter: the negotiation sticking points are the same.
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the unions want raises, bart wants workers to pay into pensions and to pay more for rising healthcare costs. and both sides claim they don't want a strike. our members did not want to go on strike. >> we all agree on strike because the district is forcing us to go on strike because they failed to negotiate in good faith. >> they want to continue negotiating in good faith and so do we. we'll be back at the table trying to reach an agreement. >> reporter: they will be back at the table scheduled at 6:30. we'll stay here and let you know how that goes or if that goes. there is a chance also that the governor could order a 60-day cooling-off period. bart does not want that. but one union the atu does. we haven't lettered from the governor's office on that yet. live in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> meanwhile, more than 1500 city of oakland employees are preparing to strike monday, as well. workers from local 21 and seiu 1021 are batting with the city
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over what they call dishonest budget numbers. they are asking for a raise following a 27% pay cut that went into effect during the recession. if a strike is called it could be a bad monday morning commute. elizabeth wenger is in the traffic center with tips for getting around the gridlock. >> i know. unfortunately, there really are no good tips. if this does go through, it's the last strike more than a decade ago is any indication, we are expecting gridlock. >> a bart strike is going to be quite disruptive to the bay area. the last strike we had was in 1997. bart carried 50% fewer people back then than it does today. so no matter how much contingency planning we do, we don't have 400,000 spare transit seats in the bay area lying around in the event that bart stops running. >> reporter: nothing can actually replace bart but there will be other mass transit options. muni will prioritize service along certain bus routes and
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rail lines during peak traffic hours. transbay service may be a no go. golden gate transit district warns don't expect extra ferry service if there's a bart strike. >> our ferries are running at capacity right now so we are not encouraging additional ridership at this time. our parking lot fills by 8:30 a.m. and we don't have additional capacity right now unfortunately. >> and if you must drive one of the worst commutes could be the bay bridge. all the freeways leading up to it. consider telecommuting. >> i know construction can be frustrating but think how much more frustrating it will be if you have more cars on the road. >> bart will offer limited charter bus service. so if there is a strike we'll have to get through the traffic nightmare right here on monday morning.
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live team coverage begins at 4:30 a.m. also our website has a commute survival guide information on casual carpools and a way to sign up for text alerts from kcbs. that is all on back to you guys. >> a bart strike wouldn't necessarily be a nightmare to everyone. >> where some see disaster others see dollar signs. the new businesses jumping in to bring commuters a backup plan. i'm linda yee in san francisco where the weekend pride celebrations could be the biggest ever. and that could mean safety issues. i'll have that story coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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i now pronounce you spouses for life. >> whoo! [ applause and cheers ] >> a big day for same-sex couples around the bay area. the first wedding took place there at san francisco city hall. the plaintiffs who challenged prop 8 tied the knot about 20
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minutes ago. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pack san francisco this weekend for gay pride celebrations. >> let's go to linda yee with more. >> reporter: the streets are already packed the hotels, restaurants, bars, all of them are full. this is going to probably be the biggest two-day pride celebration building up to be like none other. more than 200 contingents in the parade. this afternoon they were building, painting and decorating floats. about 300 exhibitors will be part of the pride celebration weekend. it is an event that attracts at least a million people. this year's historic supreme court rulings on doma and prop 8 promises to bring in more tourists and businesses. pride organizers say the crowd of celebration and events on the streets does bring security issues. the boston marathon bombings were just not too long ago. >> everybody still is raw from april.
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so we are going to have all of our bomb techs and k-9s out. we got a lot of help from muni, gpt, dpw, of course, sheriffs, everybody is going to be out. we'll have three command posts. >> reporter: the chief says there will be a heavy police presence all weekend. any public drunkenness will not be tolerated. but with all the crowds that are expected, they do say, please, take public transportation. live in the castro in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> the main pride parade kicks off sunday at 10:30 a.m. it starts at market and beale street and ends at the civic center. market street will be closed from the embarcadero to van ness avenue. all intersections will be closed to cross traffic. bay area businesses hoping to strike gold during a bart strike. how they are taking advantage of the transit nightmare. >> and nfl star charged with murder and his team members
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wasting no time showing how they feel what they are asking fans to do. ,,
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as early as monday morning. big question for 400,000 day riders is: how do you get to work if the t running? as we have been reporting bart could strike as early as monday morning. thigh big question is how did
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it -- the big question is how to get to work if the trains stop running? there's now an app for that. sue kwon reports. >> reporter: there is definitely an app for that. it's called [ indiscernible ] i want to show you the commuters heading home for their evening commute. if there is strike for less than the price of a bart ticket commuters can get a ride to or from work from this new app called avago. laura menino is a commuter making a little extra cash by picking up strangers like mckenzie heading in the same direction. >> i can see laura's picture. i know where she like is in the general area. and i kind of can contact her through the app so it's not like i'm standing in a line. >> reporter: with the bart strike looming mckenzie is making plans for her san francisco-to-walnut creek commute by finding a ride share through a new online app. >> if you stood on your street corner in your neighborhood at rush hour there are at least 10
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to 12 cars going by you going within a quarter mile of where you're going. if only you knew your neighbor and where they are going you could match up. >> reporter: it tracks location, route, number of people in the car and even processes payments through the app. so no cash exchanges hands. not a big money maker like other ride sharing services like lift or uber. it's not priced like a cab service. >> only costs the rider 20 cents a mile. an average journey for commute from let's say pittsburg to the city is less than five bucks. >> it lowers my costs too because i'm getting part of that money she is paying and then plus it's just enjoyable that when you're driving, you have a buddy and someone to talk to. >> reporter: now, she is handing out what looks like a bart ticket on how to download the app from online. sue kwon, kpix 5. if you or your company have come up with a plan b for your
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commute please share it with us. email us at >> a disagreements about how hot it is outside. brian hackney and i. we are talking about what's the difference really between 101 and 104? >> there's not a heck of a lot of difference to tell you the truth. once you get up there it is darn hot. 78 at oakland, 99 at livermore. 102 in death valley. inland temperatures 108 degrees. there will be relief at the beach. temperatures in the 70s. and it will remain hot right through tuesday afternoon. lots of sunshine around all because of high pressure that's retrograding over the west coast meaning usually these systems move slowly west to east this one coming back our way. if you need to cool it down, the temperature at the beaches will only be the 60s and low
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70s. so a few miles away for relief but it's heating up inland. san francisco average 67 will be topped by 8 degrees tomorrow to 75. but concord will be 16 degrees above average. 17 degrees above average at livermore and san jose at 92 will be 9 degrees above average so the heat is on in the bay area. makes for a pleasant evening to catch the as at the ballpark 7:05 tonight clear, mild, 72 degrees. capital pick up what's causing this. but you can see -- can't pick up what's causing this, but you can see the low that gave us rain five days ago is still spinning in the gulf of alaska. if you are heading out of the bay area, redding 106 degrees. sacramento 105. 110 fresno. and the pinpoint forecast for the bay area tomorrow, 104 at livermore. 103 at fairfield. pacifica, 67 degrees. so microclimates are in full force in the bay area with about a 40-degree spread from the ocean to the inland areas.
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for the five-day forecast, we're looking at numbers near 100 degrees for the duration. wednesday we get a break with numbers falling down into the low 80s. around the bay in the mid-80s for the week so it's just inland where things will be pretty toasty. they're toasty in san jose where we find kpix 5's roberta gonzales and the mobile weather. >> reporter: it's currently 95 degrees here brian according to mobile weather and we have people in this warm weather already lining up for tonight's 7:00 game. it's the san jose giants playing host to the stockton port right here at municipal stadium. mark wilson general manager how will the fans keep cool? >> a lot of fun things tonight. we could get cool with the beer or apple juice batter. come here tonight, breast cancer awareness night and giants versus as. little giants little as here at municipal stadium. >> reporter: perfect, game time
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7:00. make sure you hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. reporting from san jose, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. a super bowl ring found in of all places an airport bathroom. the real team effort to get it back to the former player. >> another look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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following a shooting that sa man to the hospital. according to bart police.. n to a station agent the el cerrito bart station is open following a shooting that sent a man to the hospital. man walked up to a station
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agent with an apparent gushed wound around 11:20 this morning. bart shut train service in both directions. police investigated. no arrests and there is no word on victims' conditions. the new england patriots want nothing to do with aaron hernandez. the nfl team is urging fans to toss out their hernandez jerseys and trade them in. hernandez' jerseys are no longer available at the patriots souvenir store or online. the former nfl player is facing charges hasn't been convicted yet only charges for first- degree murder in the killing of odin lloyd. a super bowl ring has been reunited with its owner after a quick detour through the san jose airport. former 9ers center john mccawley left his ring from the '84 championship game in a terminal b restroom on tuesday. it was intercepted by an airport employee. she handed it off to a retired employee who recognized the ring and brought it to a lost
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and found. mccawly got his ring back later the latest cover of the new york magazine is creating a lot of buzz. bert and ernie cuddled up together celebrating the supreme court rulings on gay marriage. there have been rumors about the nature of bert and ernie's relationship. sesame street say they're just best friends. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> steve hartman is on the road. >> i'm steve hartman. coming up on the "cbs evening news," in america, if you end up in the foster system, odds are you're not going to end up in a cap and gown. how then do you explain her? and her? the answer, them. >> it's like a little butterfly. they are in little cocoons, don't look pretty, crinkled up and all of a sudden beautiful things come out of it. >> meet the foster parents inspiring to a greater degree when i go on the road tonight on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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news: the first gay marriages in california, are underway. as the ninth circuit court of appeals.. we are continuing to follow breaking news tonight. the first same-sex marriages in california under way once again. the ninth circuit court of appeals lifts its stay much earlier than anyone expected. and we have crews at city hall in san francisco. we'll have much more coming up on kpix 5 news at 6:00. thank you for watching. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. >> remember, the latest news and weather are always on see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
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t pelley: tonight, dangerous weather ahead. a blazing heat wave settles in across the west. bill whitaker on what's coming s xt. ono are the unknown dead in arxas? manuel bojorquez on a project to put names to the bones. why are u.s. taxpayers spending nearly $1 billion on helicopters that the afghan army can't fly? and steve hartman on the road with roy and claudia asprer, and their 12 foster children they found genius that others couldn't see. >> he's like a little butterfly. they're in a little cocoon and all of a sudden beautiful things come out of it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening.


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